3472371310_402a7f0cc5_o copyIt’s 11:30 am. You’re at office and you are feeling hungry. You need something quick and convenient. Perhaps you’re late for work and you haven’t had breakfast. You probably lead a very busy life, and can’t always sit down to enjoy a healthy and relaxing meal. And for a variety of reasons, you may be inclined to buy and eat one of the many unhealthy snacks on the market. 

Or it’s mid-afternoon, your energy is flagging and you need a fast pick-me-up. You feedeg copyl drained and you reach for a “pick-me-up” for some re-found energy. Here you want to substitute a healthy bar for an unhealthy snack. Sounds smart? 

Well, if you think this is your story everyday, then let me tell you that you are not alone since this is essentially the same story for all office goers. Most people feel like eating something every 3 – 4 hours to avoid becoming too hungry. 

Now, the problem is with so much of work pressure and less time, it can be hard to determine what to eat during the long gaps between the meals. What’s more, there are so many snacks available in the market that you get confused which one to choose. There are our traditional snacks like samosa, kachori, western snacks like wafer, french fries and so healthy foods like chocolates, etc. Also, there is variety of bars available to kill the hunger. 

nuts copyHowever, in a perfect world, I would advise you to forget all about these bars and just stick with healthy foods. That’s still the best policy to follow most of the time. But it’s not always practical-or realistic. 

You can’t carry a banana in your pocket all the time. You have to switch to something handy like bars. But, the marketing of these bars is very intentional and very slick. In fact, the industry spends millions of fund to advertise these bars every year. Many of these bars are so loaded with less-than-optimal fats and loads of sugar that they aren’t any better than eating a candy bar. 

Hence, how to choose the healthy one?sc0115d copy

The good news is I have found a bar that is filling, nutritious and delicious! For starters, unlike so many of these other bars, Horlicks NutriBar is loaded with a smart balance of multi-cereal bar is enriched with iron, 11 vital nutrients, fiber and is only 113k cals and truly promotes optimal health. It’s a nutritional powerhouse!

 For a smart worker like you, the bar also fits you with all the following essentials: 

  • Great taste, otherwise you wouldn’t eat it
  • 11 important vitamins
  • Multi cereal for the healthy support of your digestive system
  • Smarter fats, with no trans fats
  • Rich in Iron
  • Only 113 Calories
  • Consistent with the precepts in the ‘Take Care of Your Health’
  • Excellent value for your money without any compromise with your health

So, the next time hunger strikes you between meals, choose healthy, nutritious Horlicks NutriBar. Happy Munching!