In many cases, the eating habits of such professionals lead to changes that make them consume not so healthy foods like chocolates or local snacks like french fries, samosas, etc.

Higher in fat, and calories v/s healthy snacking options like fruits – such snacks when consumed everyday may lead to overweight & obesity, the mother of all chronic illnesses and loads of health complications in the long run. I wish I could get a readymade healthy solution. Are there any healthy options?

Fruits are always the best option. But we can’t carry fruits all the time. You can keep a banana in you pocket. Now, in this situation, healthier snacks like cereal bars are the best option which also provides natural fibres. Such bars are good fillers and are lower in fat v/s commonly eaten fried snacks. To satisfy hunger pangs and reduce the temptation to over eat, a leading cause of obesity, healthier options like fruits, cereal nutrition bars may be some of the options to be consumed between the two meals.

Enjoy snacking!!!