Is this a systemic failure or that of MCI alone?

The recent expose pointing towards private colleges allegedly flouting rules and collecting capitation fee has suddenly shifted the focus on the Medical Council of India and its role in regulating medical colleges, and in the process, bringing unnecessary disrepute to the noble profession and the capability of Indian doctors.

Without commenting on the merits of the case involving the two Tamil Nadu colleges, one thing that can safely be assumed about the recent turn of events is that the malaise is in our academic system – which needs an overhaul – and not the approach of individuals.

In fact, the same can be said about other bodies regulating private institutions of higher education in other streams. The Bar Council of India, for instance, which oversees the functioning of private law colleges, has also been under the scanner of courts for its inability to discipline private law colleges which have failed to maintain high standards of education.  

So, is the case of other questions related to MCI and its working? Is it possible for a statutory body like MCI to be hijacked by its chief in the way it is being made out to be? Is the system so weak that other stakeholders like the Ministry of health and the HRD ministry can be taken for a ride to such an extent that all rules can be manipulated to suit individuals?

Waiting for your comments folks…