Don’t Neglect Your Physical Health During Exams

Health is defined as physical and mental well being. We cannot separate one is superior to the other. Ultimate goal of any professional is a perfect action with all skills. One to do it in that way needs all two mentioned above in equal proportions.

Balanced diet and physical exercises promote physical health. Studying good scriptures related to ones own profession and gaining skills promote mental well being. Ultimate goal of any body’s life is happiness. If you have these aspects your actions would be perfect and you will be happy.

In relation to health in general, mental health is part of a whole. The body should be seen as holistic and symbiotic, that is, a whole whose parts work together to make you who you are. Without one system, others will fail. Without good mental health, it may be difficult to be physically healthy (eg. addictions, self care, etc.), without proper nutrition like micronutrient fortified beverages viz Horlicks, one can be neither physically nor mentally healthy.

It is all important, especially when considering a person as a whole organism!

If one cannot eat or eats too much, it affects their nutrition, and thus their physical health. If one cannot sleep or sleeps too much, it affects their nervous system and memory. Like physical activity, eating right also works in terms of making the body internally strong.

Ironically, a large number of students do exactly the opposite. During exam time, students tend to put on a lot of weight and thus become sluggish when they need to be highly active. This is largely because they spend almost the whole day at home during the period and indulge in binge eating. What makes matters worse is less physical activity coupled with inadequate sleep.

Dos and don’ts during preparing for examinations:

v      Stress – Don’t let worries overwhelm you

v      Confident – Keep the spirit high and you can crack any exam if you are confident

v      Eat right, drink right, and think right. Eat Home made foods, Fruits and vegetables, Salads and roasted snacks, Micronutrient fortified beverage like Horlicks, Lots of water, Small and frequent meals

v      Exercise – 20 minutes of exercise daily will keep you physically fit, active and alert

v      Break – Take a short (5 -10 minutes) break after every 45 – 50 minutes of regular study. This will help you regain your concentration and also help you refocus

v      Sleep – Sleep for atleast 7 hours a day. This will help your body function well and will also keep you internally strong

v      Learning by Understanding – Don’t cram, understand the concept


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